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security counsel. if there's no u.n. authorization, the u.s. would lead a possible strike. but one official says, quote, we don't want to do anything on our own. u.s. allies must commit both resources and political will. we'll have more from washington in a few moments. but first back to the region, martha. >> thanks, jon. let's bring in colonel steve, a veteran fighter pilot who flew missions in the gulf war and was a deputy secretary of state. welcome, colonel. let's get to the question about the cruise missile strikes. the white house said there will be no boots on the ground. how would these work out of the mediterranean? >> there are a couple ways it could be done. one is by launching them from ships at sea out in the eastern mediterranean or from submari submarines. it's a long, 20-foot sort of flying torpedo, and has wings and a little jet engine that allows it to fly at low altit e altitudes over the sea. it can fly through mountain canyons and hit with accuracies where you can pick third window on the left. that is good. but we have to remember they're small warheads, and
for joining us, porn stars are in the business of selling fantasy. but reality came crashing down this week with a new hiv positive diagnosis for one of their stars. and that is leading critics to say it is time to do more for the industry. it is a health crisis with big bucks and lives at stake. the question, can a business built on appearing raw and spontaneous be regulated with a different kind of restraint? abc's david wright looked at the story in 2011 and continues with the latest. >> reporter: it is a multi-billion dollar business, some say bigger than baseball, football, and basketball combined. the question is, is it safe? >> animals have more protection in the making of films than porn performers. how many cases do there have to be before we take it seriously? >> reporter: this week, another adult film actor tested positive for the hiv virus. cameron bay tweeted she tested positive, thanks to everyone showing love, i feel stronger than ever. so far no other actor she worked with has tested positive. but the industry has temporarily halted all production as a safeguard. so when you
morning sickness, throwing up all over each other. it is just a mess in the morning. >> to tell us more we have one of the women featured in this series. her name is tanya. she joins us via skype "right this minute." first of all, tell us how far along you are. >> i had my baby. he's five months now. i have an 8-year-old dghter,soe incarcerated? >> i'm on house arrest. i still have to go to their treatment program. i had a dental assistant job and by me being on house arrest i lost my dental job. so it's like, it's kind of a real tough right now for me. >> talk to me about the extreme challenge it was to go through that second pregnancy in jail. >> it's about 20 of us in one room. and 20 pregnant women in one room is just not what it is. the good thing about it is, the program, they have a lot to offer as far as parenting classes and prenatal classes, prenatal care. >> how does this change how you're going to parent your children? >> i changed everything. i did a whole 360. i changed some of my appearances. i changed the way that i act toward people. i have patience now. i have structure,
>>> this time, it appears deadly chemical weapons were used. potentially one of the worst war atroc atrocities in recent memory. our chief global correspondent martha raddatz was there. as a note to our viewers, this report includes a very disturbing and graphic image. >> reporter: the bodies sprawled across clinic floors, many of the victims children and even infants. others fighting for life, rescue crews trying to help them. victims frantically trying to get air, their bodies showing no other signs of injuries. no blood. >> the convulsions, we see a number of people, babies, pinpointing the people -- gurgling is usually consistent with a type of nerve agent. >> reporter: the rebel say that syrian troops fired rockets on these innocents, rockets carrying poisionous gas, they deny it was used, calling the claims baseless. but this weapons expert says that the video shows clear signs. >> the only explanation i can really see is this looks like this fellows nerves are being destroyed potentially by something like sarin. >> reporter: if verified, this would be one of the worst chemica
and spreading flames in the other parts of the western u.s. 42 wildfires are raging in 11 states from alaska down to arizona, the heat and drought speeding the pace of this year's fire season, already one of the deadliest on record. 31 killed so far. and the burning expected to last for several more weeks. abc news, denver. >>> ginger zee is tracking the conditions as fire fighters battle those places. hey, ginger. >> hey, dan, not good. it's not going to improve all that much. i want to show, idaho and utah, we're focused on those, hot and dry through today. red flag warnings, and fire warnings for california and other states because of thunderstorms. thunderstorms sound good, but it's bittersweet. you get gusty winds, more lightning, more fires. we have to go to the other side of the country. we were talking about the flooding. panama city looked like this yesterday. 5 to 8 inches of rain, and parts of georgia, more than a foot. i want to check in on panama city this morning. an earth cam, nice shot of the beach, but you're going to see more scattered showers. not as bad as yesterday. that
for joining us, still looking for that last minute getaway summer bargain? when it comes to good deals, it is tempting to jump. but do you really get what you pay for? earlier this summer, lindsay davis looks into this as "nightline" investigates. >> reporter: oh, the beach looks great. look at the water. it certainly didn't look like what i would consider a tough assignment. >> here are the rooms. not too bad. >> you're about to leave me again, just got back from honeymoon. >> reporter: i had not even unpacked from my honeymoon, when a day later, here i was heading for a beach hotel in the dominican republic. we were about to learn it is possible to go too far off the beaten path when we booked a group-on coupon that would go from sketchy to scary in less than 48 hours. groupon is known for its signature discounts and getaways, two nights in niagra falls, a six-day wine tour in italy. you find great reviews for all of them. but tucked away among them, two nights in the don juan beach resort. as we check in, i try to make sure, i was getting the room i was promised on groupon. >> the j
a ton of energy. the iphone uses more energy than that of a refrigerator. 322 kilowatts an hour, the average iphone, 361, that includes the wi-fi, data usage and charging. it's not just smart phone, out of all the new technology we have, it uses about 10% of the world's energy pie. to put that another way, all the new technology together uses 50% more energy than global aviation uses. analysts say that the need for electricity will just keep growing because who knows how many devices or what types of devices we'll have in 20 years and we keep them on all the time. think about it, lighting and air conditioning you turn off but you don't turn off your phone or your dvr box. >>> facebook could become the new pay pal of the internet. they want to partner up with current shopping apps to just sign into their facebook account. to use the service, shoppers would have to save their credit or debit card information to facebook. some say that facebook will have a hard time going up against more established sites like he bay. >>> you think you have heard this before, obesity is bad for you
they barely escaped. abc's steve o san mommy tells us this may not be over. >> reporter: dozens of families here on their florida vacations were just dozing off sunday night when 100-foot sinkhole started to swallow their villa. with them and their belongings in it. >> i kept hearing the building cracking as i was going back and forth. i could see things falling from the ceiling. i watched the floor split open at the time. >> reporter: authorities and eyewitnesses outside orlando raced to the collapsing buildings, capturing this incredible video and screaming for residents to get out now. >> i know this may happen in florida, but i'm from atlanta. the grund has not been swept from under our feet. >> reporter: it looks like the ground opened up and ate this building. there's a stairwell there leading to nowhere. like a tornado came through and punched a hole in the ground. rusty and her family saw the floors buckling then tried to escape, but the doors were stuck and wouldn't open. a couple with a baby had to break a window to get out. >> we started running out and throwing our s
meeting with the national security team over the fresh reports that the syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people. let's bring in john karl, joining us this morning from washington. what are the options that the administration are considering here? >> well, it all comes down to air strikes against the syrian government. possible air strikes against airfields, against military headquarters. but there is a divide in the administration about how forcefully to respond. one thing not on the table is sending in ground forces. this would be some form of air attack to send a message to syria this is unacceptable and to degrade their ability to do it again. >> we remember this president was very, very critical of the last president, george w. bush for taking action in iraq without u.n. approval. is there any talk that president obama would act unilaterally without u.n. approval? >> that's a big question and hotly debated in the white house is what to do in terms of the united nations. russia has a veto at the u.n. russia has blocked any measures to punish syria up to this time. t
and i'm going to take care of you. >> such a close call. ginger back with us tonight. and just astounding the numbers rising, the water. >> reporter: right. this is a river gauge we found. just south and east of that area. i have to show you it, david. less than 15 minutes, this thing jumps more than ten feet. at its peak, 13 feet and goes down almost as quickly. thes sense of flash flood right there. >> we start a new week with a similar system in the same place. >> reporter: right. now we're talking about the plains. starting tomorrow, flash flood advisories, watches goes up in northeastern oklahoma and nor northwestern arkansas. this is an area that got slammed last week. also, colorado springs area, even as we speak, flood advisory. >> all right, ginger zee, thank you. >>> in connecticut tonight, the bolds of the two youngest victims after that small plan crash into a neighborhood have been recovered. 1-year-old madison mitchell and her 13-year-old sister sade were together in their home when that plane hit. a huge part of the home gone there. the wing of the plane. the inv
at the live desk where syrian activists accused forces loyal to baa sheer al assad of using chemical weapons. the activists say more than 200 people have been killed in those attacks. syria's denied those reports and state television quoted a source as saying there was "no truth whatsoever to the report." it is said they were aimed at distracting a visiting team of u. n. chemical weapons exerts from the mission. the hotel the group is staying in is a 15 minute drive from the site of the alleged attack. videos show what appear to be a lifeless body with no visible wounds. syrian authorities and rebels have accused each other of using chemical weapons against one another through the course of the civil war now as 100,000 people have been reported killed. >>> a 15-year-old is behind bars caused of stabbing another teenager to death at the ravens super bowl parade this year. nazir williams is charged with murder. three teenagers with were stabbed on february 15th. ntae smith died from the stabbing. >>> johns hopkins university is warning students of another robbery in north baltimore. the web si
's life after they have left for school. try using tools their world like texting and social media to stay connected. >> all right. in our consumer alert she went from an extra large to a medium trying nearly every fad diet like many but it was not until this woman did things the old fashioned way that she finally dropped 70 pounds. >> diet and exercise. it took her a year to drop the weight but the diet company who stole her before and after pictures said she lot of the weight just 30 days. >> scary to think that someone would try to sell something that has no grain of truth. >> security experts say it's common and suggest using water marks on pictures. she hasn't had much luck tracking down the company so she is asking people to repost her real weight loss story and she is hoping will drop down the negative ads. >>> what's left in your wallet? it's not the capitol one. most likely it's american express from the 7th year they ranked highest in consumer satisfaction and that's the latest survey. card users took things like rewards and benefits and payment optionos in to account. discov
forced into that position? >> that's the question. where is the red line for the u.s. there was never a red line in syria, and you see tens and thousands of people killed. they've lost 900 people now in egypt. there still seems to be no red line. we don't know what the u.s. will do next. i have talked to officials, and they said repair parts for some of the military equipment, perhaps apache helicopters, will that make a difference? they have money from elsewhere. >> stand by. right now, bring the questions, two of the men responsible for making u.s. policy, bob corker, and the democrat on the house foreign affairs committee, elliott engle. you've resisted calls to suspend u.s. aid because the u.s. has to be a voice of calm. but can you justify it in the coup and the crackdown? >> the actions of the last week will cause us to suspend aid. and at the same time it's a time to recalibrate and look at what is our national interest. there's no question that we overestimated what our leverage was, and we've underestimated the leverage that saudi arabia and uae has had on th
americans not to travel to pakistan. >> an expanneding manhunt across the western u.s. portion of the country right now for a kidnapping suspect who is also accused of murder. james lee dimaggio, suspected of abducting hannah anderson after setting his southern california house on fire with the girl's mother and likely her brother inside. an amber alert for anderson is now in effect in california, oregon, washington, and nevada. police say the 40-year-old dimaggio may be armed with home made explosives. >> unusually high number of bottle the nosed dolphins are dying off the east coast this summer according to researchers looking into what killed the 124 dolphins stranded in the mid-atlantic region since july. they suspect maybe the same virus which killed hundreds of dolphins in the 1980s. >> burglar pulled off an elaborate heist at a trendy boutique in west hollywood. the thief used construction equipment to tunnel his way inside. he cut holes in the dry wall of public bathroom in the back of the store. security cameras captured him gathering his haul for 20 minutes. he left w
following the suspect and the trooper joined him and back into montgomery county. police used stop sticks causing the suspect to spean out and come to a stop. officers said the driver was combative and ended up getting tased. they believe they was under the influence of drugs. >>> the driver of the tractor-trailer involved in the bay bridge wreck that sent a woman and her car plummeting into the water below last month was on his first trip in the u.s. alone. the national transportation safety board said he works for a canadian carrier. the driver hit morgan links car and another vehicle pushing her over the wall. morgan was able to get out and was rescued. >>> 19-year-old seth beckman was shot and killed. beckman stormed into several businesses, including a snow bam stand before being confronted by a sheriff's deputy and the deputy is the him. beckman's father believes that his son was high on synthetic drugs when he within the on that rampage saturday night. those drugs, often sold as bath salts, spiels are widely available. the field office said they're often sold in mom and pop conveni
on baltimore's coast guard station. >> it'll let us have guaranteed jobs for the next for to five-years and lay the ground work for many decades to come. [applause]. >> reporter: the money will be used to upgrade critical equipment like the boat that break up the ice, portion of the 21 million will also go toward repairs on the tall ships in the gulf and 82 military people and more than 500 civilians work at the curtis bay coast guard station. >> neglected and abused in arkansas. these dogs are going to start a happier life. ten dogs all shapes, all sizes, all available now for adoption in the area. they are rescues taken from a hoarder down south and now need forever homes. >> doors are -- they are surprisingly adaptable. they continue to surprise me with their resilence every day and they are no different. >> reporter: if you are interested in adoption contact the spca. they will charge between 120 and $10. >> new, getting your driver's license makes teens feel independent and gives them a break from that carpool. mix that responsibility with a temptation of a cell phone can
. >> what were you praying? >> god help us all. i was just -- i was doing everything i could. i just started praying. >> what happened next? when did they capture him, stop him? where were you? >> i was with him the whole time. i had a teacher that come in and our cafeteria manager came in. i kind of walked him through it and talked to him and told him it was okay, that we all have situations in our lives and i just went through a tragedy myself but i recovered from it and so it was going to be okay. if i can recover an open up a business, he could too. >> did he respond to you when you said that? >> yeah, he did. he told me okay and then he got on the phone and he was talking to some of he is family members and stuff. i just started telling him my life story and what was going on with me. >> so you were able to keep him there. you were able to hold him there for a while? >> i held him the whole time. he asked me did he want to go outside and start shooting again. >> how did you know it was finally over? >> because i asked him to take -- to put all of his weapons down. i had him to take ever
place, the u.n. >> we're asking everyone to tell us what the world needs more of. >> he did talk to two important people at u.n. to ask them, first off, u.n. chief secretary-general ban ki-moon and chief valerie amos. >> what do you think the world needs more of. >> humanity. >> humanity. >> and gives him like cupcakes or muffins and dances with him. >> i like his style. the kid president is doing a great job. >> getting his groove on at u.n. >> it's great. he's doing what he said we needed more of, more humanity. >> i want to give everybody big hugs. am i getting everybody? am i getting everybody? can i get everybody? >> what dud the world need more of? you said. >> love. >> kindness. >> high five. >> high five. >> that goes -- >> all in one. >> at same time. >> here we go. that was awkward. we want to know what our facebook fans say. >> what do you think the world needs more of. >> go to tell us what you think. >>> a circling hawk can mean one thing. >> it spotted something that it wants. >> see what it snatches in a dive bomb. >> he's got it. he's got it
and hot temperatures have made for a dangerous fire season in the western u.s. the flames spread so quickly here, residents say they had just minutes to evacuate. the fire even blocked an evacuation road, trapping rescuers for a time. everyone made it out. >> we're watching stuff just explode right in front of our faces. >> reporter: five people injured so far. four of them firefighters. and even with more than 1,000 people battling the blaze on the ground and in the air, it is still just ten percent contained. for one family, this is all that's left, this porch. the plume behind me, that's the hot spot. really what has been the biggest challenge out here, the wind. one fire fighter lent me his wind detector a couple of minutes ago. it's hitting up to 19 miles per hour right now. not making fighting this fire any easier. >> thank you. great to have you reporting in on the fires tonight. >>> now we turn overseas to bring you the news tonight on that worldwide terror threat which shut down so many u.s. embassies. abc's global affairs correspondent has the latest at this hour. martha r
portrait of an eastern shiek owl. they can do a lit bit of photo correction but not too much. to tell us more, we have dan via skype from "national geographic" traveler. dan, welcome to the show. >> glad to be here. >> what made you pick the aquathon. >> look at the skyscrapers unless background. this is in brazil. action picture but also a portrait of this city. first we get about 15,000 pictures. down to 150 pictures i showed a panel of nine judges. as beautiful of some of the pictures we get in are, we want a picture that makes you feel like you could have been there. we used to try hard to say you had to make less than a certain amount of your income each year in things other than photography but now it's just impossible to do that. >> you have to deal with fakes. people trying to photo shop certain things into the photos? >> we see that a lot. i like to think they don't trick us too often. look at the second place. lightning bolt, the background of the picture, is quote, so quote, wrong setting. that's what's responsible for the purple background. i'm a geek, yes, i believe that. >>
across the south. some of the action may impact us by early late tonight. enjoy the evening and the start tomorrow. we'll start to talk how they change later. >>> a day of rage in egypt. we have the latest on the continuing chaos, confusion and violence as demonstrators clash with security forces. >> reporter: night fell in egypt and with the muslim brotherhood called the day of rage. the clouds have dispersed in a massive fire still burned in downtown cairo. earlier today thousands of demonstrators took to the street. a response to wednesday's horrific violence that killed hundreds. the egyptian military responded with a show of force. they are in the alexandria and squares ceiling off pedestrians and vehicles. security forces are using am e -- ammunition. the egypt is a key u.s. ally in the region and the u.s. is invested there. more than $1 billion in military aid is set aside for egypt. yesterday president obama said that the violence must stop. >> the egyptian people deserve better than what we have seen over the last several days. >> reporter: a white house advisor told abc news tha
. pressure from the u.s. and human rights groups averted the crackdown for now. >>> drivers are finding it cheaper to fill their tanks these days. and the price of fwas may be going lower. tahman braey with more from washington. >> reporter: good news for summer travelers. gas prices are coming down. the national average for a gallon dropped to $3.56. at the's down a nickel from last week. >> every penny counts. every penny goes towards your budgets if other ways. >> reporter: this is just the beginning. by autumn, prices could fall to >> if it goes down, it would be great. it would be a great thing for me. i would come into the city more often with my car. >> reporter: after three straight jeers of rising prices, the gas average for next year is expected to be $3.37, the lowest average since 2010. don't look for prices to fall much more. >> the days of the national pump price below $3 is likely a thing of the past. >> reporter: just last month, gas prices shot up 15 cents in a week. today, prices are better. according to one gas survey, charleston, south carolina, has the lowest averag
by. >> reporter: we believe smiling because artie put one there. he left us with memories that will allow us to carry on. it's time to reflect on the city and how special we are to remember a special man. >> i think it's still that way. >> and i leaned over to artie and asked who is the most underrated football player you ever saw. he said without thinking lenny moore. lenny moore was the most underrated football player. never got his due. i told lenny. he never heard that story. he was overwhelmed. >> if you missed any of the coverage today, you can watch the eulogy and see pictures at >>> which will it be rain, shine, showers, what have you? meteorologist mike masco's got the answer. >> i choose d, all of the above. we have a special marine warning still along the bay. it's a thunderstorm warning south of d.c. it's right over the bay bridge heading into the eastern shore. a trem men dpus amount of lightning in milling ton and more storms out to the north and west that we're going to have to monitor. the cold front out to the west. that has to push through t
will clearly be used as evidence against a young man accused of holding this school hostage. >> he said to tell them to back off. he don't want the kids. he wants the police. so, back off. he said he don't care if he die. he don't have nothing to live for. >> reporter: georgia police releasing the call for help from the bookkeeper in the school's front office. >> ooh, he just went outside and started shooting. >> reporter: police say the young man in the background, shooting and giving orders is 20-year-old michael brandon hill. the woman following them is bookkeeper antoinette tuff. >> he wants me to go on the intercom and let everybody know he's sorry. okay? >> everybody, this is still a continuous lockdown. >> reporter: she acted brilliantly. >> i can help you. let me talk to them and let's see if we can work it out so you don't have to go away with them for a long time. it's going to be all right, sweetheart. i just want you to know that i love you. and i'm proud of you. that's a good thing that you're just giving up. >> reporter: as tuff told george exclusively on "gma," she promised the s
the big jackpot but most us would probably trade places with the mystery man or woman who juan million bucks. maryland lottery officials say a winning ticket was sold at the dunkirk fast stop. and this is the 8th second tier power ball ticket sold in maryland this year. and as we go to break this morning, we are going to take you outside to a different part of the country. let's get a live picture of how things are looking this morning in new york. a pretty picture of the skyline although it's foggy this morning. we will be right back. why choose land o' lakes butter in half sticks? it's pre-measured. fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes. so you can get cash back on all your purchases. so you can use your cash back... to follow your dream. so you... can save the day. chase freedom. so you can. when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one non-drowsy claritin every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days! 17 days! 22 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. >>> look at this. this is the wakeup this morning. this afternoon the
. >> these days it's just another cardiac operation. >> reporter: like orlando, he sees a future using artificial and mechanical hearts. >> will we be able to grow hearts in a dish the way they just grew a hamburger in a dish? that's way in the future. >> reporter: an amazing story of a man who is all heart. >> i'm so proud of him and how hard he's worked to get to this point and he continues to work hard every day and take each day one at a time. >> and as time clicks away, so does orlando's heart. orlando leads a normal life. he works out, eats right, takes his medicine and checks in wh dr. casper. happily ever after, 30 years later. >>> an abc news exclusive tonight. one family's private anguish is making headlines around the globe. nearly 15 years ago a newborn was kidnapped from a chicago hospital and later returned. but now after months of investigation by abc news and 20/20, barbara waters reports the fbi has announced it's reopening the case of dna evidence showing it's the wrong baby. >> reporter: looking at old family photographs of paul is a strange experience because the baby in his b
engineering. >>> >>> dick vandyke tweeted out this photograph of a car torched and said, quote, used jag for sale, real cheap. the actor and his wife were driving on a freeway west of los angeles when the car fight fire yesterday. they both got out safely. he's best known for the dick vandyke show. >>> we're getting another glimps of the royal family's new bundle of joy. take a look at those photos. they were taken by kate's father. the photos came on the same day that prince william gave his first interview about his new life as a dad. >> sleep more and get naps at times. >> he said he's looking forward to going back to work to get some sleep. >>> take a live look at the inner harbor. you can see a lot of people out there running this early in the morning. might be a good time to do it. we will find out from lynette. >> any time today will be a great time. lots of sunshine in the forecast. i'll tell you when that fog burns off. >>> a crash is causing heavy delays on the west side of the beltway. we're all dealing with congestion due to a crash on 95. i'll have the latest drive times for
>> that dark smoke behind you, neil. thanks to you. ginger zee is tracking this fire for us. you were telling me the fire is close to yosemite and the park is not in the clear yet. >> not at all. they have the try foilage. it's all of the west. 50 large wildfires in nine states out west dealing with this. lightning as neil mentioned a huge issue. that's why we have red flag warnings. i want to show you who has this. see that low pressure system. that's part of the issue. kicking off gusty winds and over 4400 lightning strikes starting 45 new fires just in california. >> ginger, thanks to you as always. >>> we turn overseas to syria and the stunning numbers tonight we heard from the state department, potentially more than in the latest possible chemical attacks, the world still studying those disturbing images, the victims, women and children of this attack. this evening that disturbing headline from washington about what we could be looking at now. unespecially inspector are facing huge hurdles to determine if chemicals weapons were, in fact, used. >> reporter: it's a terrible an
these unusual clouds filling the sky. lynette, you told us before, these are pretty common occurrences after a storm system rolls through. >> exactly. momentus clouds. they're like udders of cows that they look like. >> what? >> exactly. and a lot of people think they're like gloom and dpoom type clouds. they're not. they're what you see with sinking air. >> they're really incredible. >> exactly. that's what they're called. look it up. i know you'll google it. rrt, guys, all right, guys, we'll definitely start the day out on a foggy note. look at this shot here, looking at the inner harbor downtown, and we are going to be seeing plenty of clouds across the area this morning. and this is going to continue right through the morning hours. we might see a few peeks of sunshine as we go throughout the day, but all in all today will be much like it was yesterday with the showers and thunderstorms still possible. so another unsettled weather pattern on tap for us. as we look at the satellite and radar, we see the clouds, we see the rumbles of thunder and the lightning that rolled through overnight,
upwards because of egypt. rebecca jarvis is with us now. >> r economic toll at gas stations across america, prices rising as the violence in egypt escalates. it's scenes like this in egypt that make for this here at home. traders in new york watching and dissecting every headline coming out of the region. sending oil prices surging more than $10 in just six weeks since egypt's military forced president mohammed morsi out of power. tonight, prices well above $100 a barrel with that violence escalating. but the bigger threat to pump prices may be much closer to home. with hurricane season just around the corner, a major storm in the gulf of mexico -- where nearly half of our gasoline is refined -- means we could be waiting until mid-fall for pump prices to stabilize. again, after multiple days of declines, americans paying more at the pump as they fill up and head out this weekend. david? >> rebecca thank you. >>> tonight the stock market is now closed after the worst week of 2013. the dow lost 30 more points today, the second down week in a row. retailers including walmart reporting poor sa
. with a playful messe. >> just tell them i have a nice used car for sale. >> reporter: a funny man walks away with the same smile we all love. gio benitez, abc new, new york. >> he has such a great sense of humor about the whole thing. he is telling the camera guy they thought i was slumped over my wheel. first reports. slumped over the wheel. maybe an accident. i was trying to get in contact with the dmv to tell them his car was about to, who knows what. he deidn't even know. then jokes about the fact he has a nice used car for sale. that's the car. >> give it to you for a song. he is 87 years old. look at him. great sense of humor. looks fantastic. an american icon. did you see any classics back? >> i remember "mary poppins." >> jim-jimeny. >> you remember "chitty-chitty bang bang." not on its first run. >> have you taken alexa. may have seen "chitty-chitty bang bang on tv." >> and "mary poppins." >> one i'll have to watch. >> he catches the kids. puts them in the truck. horrible. kind of scary. >> he is right. heroes. everybody else looking after him. serious angels on his side. that car d
reports in connection with at least 14 suicides in the uk and ireland. and here in the u.s., 16-year-old jessica lany's best friend said jessica took her own live after relentless online attacks. users posting verb us messages like, drink bleach. go get cancer. go die. however, the local sheriff's office says neither they, her parents, boyfriend, or school district were aware of any bullying in her life. >> it is a dangerous thing for some teenagers to go on these sites because they are met with such hostility and such ugly statements. >> reporter: outraged parents are pressuring for more accountability. and is listening. in an open letter the company said, quote, we are committed to ensuring that our site is a safe environment. we have implemented various measures over the past months to continue to improve our users safety. >> going to be aware of what your kids are doing. give them good advice. these people don't know you. you can't take anything they say serious. >> you have an upcoming tween. frightening. >> make sure i talk to her. >> what's frightening to
for joining us, many say that when you meet that special someone you just know. and some might even say the same applies when picking out that special ring. but there is a lot more to choosing a diamond than meets the eye. and underneath the surface, these precious stones may not always mean what they seem. my colleague went undercover to investigate. >> reporter: my wedding was the best day of my life, the setting beautiful, and the bride, a clearly out of my league doctor named bianca looked uncomfortable and hot. the only stressful experience was buying the perfect engagement ring, think about this, this is probably the most emotional purchase of your life. so how do you know if you're really getting what you think you're buying? >> looks like i'm a waiter at tgi fridays. >> or an undercover car salesman. >> reporter: to see how up front the dealers are, i have reluctantly agreed to wear a disguise, so i can go undercover as a bachelor on the hunt for a ring. >> are they making a sequel to the vampire slayer? you know, more importantly, somebody is not going to buy a diamond ring lik
need to see the first running of the bulls taking place this weekend in the u.s. too big. ♪ too soft. too small. ♪ mmm! ♪ too happy. ♪ [ male announcer ] at progresso, we've got a passion for quality. because you've got a passion for taste. >>> running with the bulls requires a trip to spain but this weekend, the great bull run is happening here in the united states. it's the first ever event that's going to be held in virginia near richmond happening tomorrow. promoters expect 8,000 people to show up and believe half will be attending the other half will be watching. so they are going to be running with the bulls in virginia and we will see how it goes. lynette are you up for that. >> i will be watching. all right. 86 degrees is the temperature for this afternoon. partly cloudy and we will have a chance for an isolated to scattered shower or storm for today. and if you are heading out to the game it should be dry by that time. that cold front should be through. temperatures at 81 as we take on the a's at 7:05. and if you are headed to the beach, we like this right. maybe a thu
they used to. 67% of teens visited a u.s. theme park in the last year, that's compared to 76% five years earlier. they found rising prices for admission, food and games are the factor. there's also stiff competition from video games and online gaming. theme parks can attract young visitors by integrating the games and also the internet. >>> and now from abc2's maryland's most accurate forecast. >> we have some patchy fog around, 66 for a dew point in bel air and the temperature coming in at 66 degrees. take you outdoors, very difficult to spot this morning, we have a few clouds hovering across the area. i'm going to call it partly cloudy as we continue throughout your day. if you do run into some patchy fog make sure you take it easy and put a lot of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. the high temperature today coming in at 87 degrees. we have the potential for showers and storms, and if you're heading out to the game, that's going to continue through the 7:05 first pitch and beyond. that temperature coming in right around 83. we'll have to see if we have a rain delay.
it comes to drone strikes. in a response to the latest global terror threat, the u.s. has carried out six drone strikes in the last two weeks. in the interest of transparency, can you tell us about these drone strikes that we've seen over the last couple of weeks in yemen? >> i'm not going to discuss specific operations that have taken place. >> so you won't even confirm that we've carried out drone strikes in yemen? >> i will not have a discussion about operational issues. >> reporter: the spy program reforms announced today would not have happened almost certainly withouthe leaks of edward snowden. that has some people today calling him a hero. the president said he's a lawbreaker, not a patriot. late-breaking news on the terror threat that has resulted in the closing of the embassies and consulates. 18 of the 19 embassies and consulates will we open. the one in yemen will remain closed. >> the embassy in yemen will we main closed. the others will reopen. a sign of some progress. >> reporter: that's exactly right, diane. >>> one more note out of washington today. president obama signed
the latest details all day long. for the latest breaking news, you can find us at twilter at abc2 -- twitter at abc2 news. >> christian people have been charge -- targeting jewish people. >> reporter: it lies at the heart of this spat between jewish leaders and a group of california girls. they went door to door spreading a christian appeal to people in jewish neighborhoods and some local jewish leaders started death flooded with complaints. >> what they're saying is you can accept jesus and also be jewish and there's not a rabbi from the established jewish community had would upset that. >> our forefathers fought for the freedom of religion. for me to be offended for someone to knock on my door with appeals of literature asking me to embrace their high deals and their religion, i think, would in some way short circuit what american society and a free society handle mock cra si stand -- and democracy stands for. >> reporter: the young women were provided with lodging and transportation. you'll hear from him and the california multimillionaire behind this work coming up at 6:00. >>> after a t
a month-long experience to test the functionality of the bus. 5,000-mile journey to take us through a full spectrum of destinations. ranging from national parks to major cities, and along the way picking up and dropping off different friends and family. >> it is part of theiny how-to movement, and the sustainable areas that you can live in a green way. looks like they kicked off in minnesota and headed west and they are still on the road and traveling for 5,000 miles. >> with this journey, we think that we have a great opportunity to share a story that expands the discussion of the tiny house movement. with your help we can bring that discussion to a broader audie e audience. thank you for your support. >>> remember that awkward time when you started meeting someone and you don't kn whether it is going to become a real relationship or not? well, i decided to write on the perks of being in a relationship. >> you might recognize this lady, that is karen southern from a popular youtube channel, and people like to watch her, and in this, you are getting a double-dose of karen, and she is talk
: because aed advocates say even when they're available they're not always used. remember, 12-year-old michael of florida went into sudden cardiac arrest, just feet from his school. >> we were pretty outraged when we found it was there and wasn't used. >> i get upset. there's so much we can do. nothing was done. >> reporter: she considers herself one of the lucky ones. >> there are no aed's in public place, public parks, public areas where there should be one. >> reporter: she had just finished complete -- competing in a ballgame when she collapsed. >> i would not be here if not for that. >> reporter: michael ames parents ultimately sued the school and settled. the school is equipped with three aed's. his parents row plane on a mission. >> to stop this tragedy from happening to other families. >> reporter: the have a heart foundation is donating more than 40aed's across florida. one recently saved a teen. >> i genuinely believe that could have saved his life, yes, and we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> reporter: currently about 2 million amounts of ed's are scattered aroun
their own bottled water to school and ask them not to share with anyone. use hand sanitizer. make sure the child gets enough rest. 1 to 12 hours of sleep a night -- 10 to 12 hours of sleep a night is best. a good nutritious meal can build resistance. doctors say bundle up their overcoats. studies have shown people who protect themselves from hold man's winter's wrath are less likely to catch a cold later in the year. for today's health minute, reporting. >>> one of the worst things that comes with back to school is making timing to pack paul have those lunches. experts said go for variety. try to hit all the food groups. even though you want your little ones to eat healthy, it's okay to send along a treat. and she believes communication is key. >> i think it's important for parents and children to establish an open relationship on what they're eating. if they want to buy something, be open and not to have kids feel like they have to sneak or trade with their friends. >> forget about mills industry meat f your kids do buy, the options are much healthier than in years past. school progra
>>> good evening and thanks for joining us. he's been to afghanistan, worked as a fighter pilot, and lived his entire life scrutinized by the world's media. but it's a new challenge that's leading prince william to really lose sleep. yes, little george, his new baby. instilling a healthy dose of fear in the young prince he's never dealt with before. the first portraits of the king-to-be were released tonight. as william opens up for the first time about the far more pedestrian challenges of being a pop. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: there he is, prince george, the new heir to the british throne. eyes closed and fast asleep. he was just days old when his maternal grandfather, princess kate's father, michael middleton, snapped these first public photos in the garden of their family home inbucklebury, e7kd. and today another first. prince william opening up to cnn about his first few weeks of fatherhood. >> he's a little bit of a rascal. put it that way. he reminds me of my brother or me when i was younger. i'm not sure. but he's doing very well at the moment. >> reporter
intercepted a bear. >> for us to be there is one chance in a trillion. >> these people didn't want to talk to us. >> riders say they had a short conversation with them last week but didn't know about the amber alert. anderson will be reunited with her father after her mother and brother were found dead. >>> a 2 year old boy is safe after disappearing yesterday. 2 year old isaiah perez was found in providence. polic issued an amber alert. two men were arrested. parez wasn't found with them. police located him wondering the streets alone. >> he appears to be in good health. the toddler lived at a home where the victims with killed. his relationship to the victims is unknown and unclear how the 2 year old came to be wondering in the streets alone after being taken. >>> a michigan doctor is waking up behind bars accused of committing health care fraud. he misdiagnosed and mistreated patients. agents arrested him and raided his offices. the doctor's attorney says his client is innocent and feds duped by disgruntled employees. he is due in court tomorrow for a bond hearing. >>> a person is missi
:30 last night. police tell us they found the 22-year-old man who was shot several times, the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police right now are looking for the gunman. >>> we have new information for you this morning regarding the continued civil war in syria and the alleged use of chemical weapons by the syrian government on the rebel combatants. the white house and state department expressed concern on wednesday following reports bashar al-assad's regime used toxic gas to kill at least 130 people, including many children while they slept. the attack was said to have occurred in the eastern suburbs of damascus. the syrian government denies the use of those weapons, calling the allegations baseless. in the meantime what's going on now the u.s., britain and france are demanding that a team of u.n. experts already in syria be granted immediate access to that eastern district to investigate the claims of the attack. now, one year ago wednesday president barack obama delivered a speech that included his now-famous red line remk involving the use of chemic
police tell us that hannah was not physically injured, but she was taken to a hospital to get checked out. her father is heading from san diego to idaho, they are set to be reunited later this morning. dan, bianna. >> that will be a terrific reunion. clayton sandell covering the story every step of the way. thank you, clayton. >>> a lot of news overnight, we turn to mr. ron claiborne for a look at the headlines. >> as always. >>> in the news, benjamin netanyahu is recovering in the hospital this morning following surgery following a hernia surgery. the defense minister was in charge during the one hour he was unconscious. he is expected to be released later today. >>> more than a dozen u.s. embassies closed over terror concerns are set to reopen today in northern africa and the middle east. they were closed amid concerns of a possible al-qaeda attack. the u.s. embassy in yemen will remain closed. >>> and deadly violence in iraq, 69 people killed in car bombings in baghdad. targeting cafes and markets in the city. so far no one or no group has claimed responsibility. it comes as iraqis cel
built a network that can access as much as 75% of all u.s. web traffic. the wall street journal reported the agency sometimes retains the content of the e- mails between u.s. citizens and filters some domestic phone calls that use internet connections. now, a spokesperson from the nsa says that the nsa's signal intelligence mission is centered on defeating foreign adversaries who basically aim to harm the country that we defend from the united states, from such threats that will fiercely be working to protect the privacy rights of u.s. persons. >>> a partner helped expose america's secret surveillance programs has filed a lawsuit over his detainment at heathrow airport. [ inaudible ] >> i yell at her and say, police, stop running. >> it shows these guys were actually doing exactly what they were train and how they were trained to do it. it was flawless. >> there are now 10 cameras being used, one by every officer on every shift. the laurel police department has been using the eyegrass cameras for about four months. >>> a michigan sheriff is now sending a message to drug dealers in his
interview, hill's brother told us, he was a ticking time bomb. >> i had a feeling he was going to eventually one day do something stupid. but not this magnitude. >> reporter: he told us his brother's pharmacy -- his brother's medicine cabinet looks like a pharmacy. he got into trouble young. first, stealing from school. and then, breaking into churches. george? >> thanks, steve. >>> we are joined, now, by that hero bookkeeper, antoinette tuff. along with eric hines and clay haas with the police department. thanks for your great work and presence of mind in that situation. antoinette, let me begin with you. what went through your mind when you saw the young man walk in with a gun in your office? >> the safety of the students. and making sure nobody gets harmed. >> what did you say to him? >> at first, i thought it was a false alarm. and he allowed me to know it was not a false alarm. >> at that moment, you knew you were in danger. you knew the students were in danger. what did you do? >> he actually asked one of the teachers that was with me to go and let everyone know that this was not a fal
for in the future. >>> take a look. showing us a blend of sunshine and clouds today, below average temperatures. it struggled to get into the 80s today. here is a shot. that did not stop the crowd along the beachfront. last couple of weeks they are going back to school. here is a shot downtown right now. looking good. feeling good. 82degrees. the dewpoints are all ready declining. it will feel like around 85. just a little bit of a gentle breeze coming off the bay right now. that is it at 80 degrees. tonight 76 at 8:00. we're back on at 11:00, should be around 71. 60s to start tomorrow morning. we're on the way to the middle and upper 80s. by lunchtime scattered showers or thunderstorm. more of an isolated deal to start your monday afternoon and a widespread situation tuesday. high temperatures in the city made it to 80. 80s up toward cecil county. normally we should be around 86 this time of the year so we're on par for average. 100 was the record back in 1900. sunset now at 8:07. temperatures across town. el 0s to the north and west. very comfortable over the eastern shore, 81 degrees in ches
end. little bloop double for cortez works has three hits today. brings us to ricky tibbett. >> orel: i'm not rooting for either side. but my score card is rooting for an out. i'll have to have the whole bat around and doctor it all up. >> nomar: you're worried about the score card right now. >> orel: well -- >> karl: the early errors and the early nerves really put connecticut behind the eight ball. >> orel: they have played very, very well. just had a couple of bad innings. >> karl: throws hard for somebody who hasn't thrown much. count goes to 2-1. california crowd rooting on ricky tibbett, son of the manager. on the corner, strike two. good pitch. >> orel: you can have one offensive meeting an inning. >> how many photos on instagram? how many girls? >> a lot. >> get a hit for one of them right now. >> sign of the times right there. >> orel: the girls will ask who was the hit for. >> karl: that wasn't a two strike swing right there. that was like all right. then i'll let it fly here. holman is the coach at third base. >> orel: you see what motivates ricky tibbett. >> karl: everybody
to be dry and warm. >>> updating you on breaking news out of texas where the former u.s. army psychiatrist has been convicted in the fort hood shoot -- shooting rampage. the trial now goes to the sentencing phase where the death penalty is a possibility. >>> he's been the man in charge of one of our country's most secretive and important agencies for more than a decade. he knows where all the bodies are buried. robert mueller opens up to abc news, including what he sees as the greatest threat we're facing. >> reporter: outgoing fbi director robert mueller is offering a sober assessment. he told pierre thomas what keeps him up at night. >> the possibility of a plane being taken down. a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of a terrorist. >> reporter: mueller warned about another danger, americans joining islam mick radicals. do you believe some americans have made their way to syria? yes. >> reporter: he says fror groups and individuals have -- terror groups and individuals have my great to many areas in the middle east. >> it changed from september 11th where it was al qaeda, afghanista
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